The goal of this landmark Manhattan event is to foster diplomatic, business and cultural relationships between the United States of America and the Russian Federation. The event promotes lifelong ties that unite Russians and Americans – as they expand and strengthen the momentum of a unique global partnership. It reminds us of the 200-year long history of bilateral ties between the two countries.

Year by year, Day of Russia in New York seeks to mutually advance the partnership between the two great nations, particularly in the spheres of government, diplomacy, public policy, culture, multi-sector industry, business and social ties. Founders and organizers aim to actively promote the development of multilateral relations in all areas and in doing so, continue to establish a lasting tradition for this great event.

Day of Russia in New York is by invitation only. This exclusive, leadership-level black-tie soireé takes place in New York City annually in June. Our distinguished guests traditionally include: Russian and American officials, members of the diplomatic corps, New York City and State Administration representatives, key Russian and American business professionals, noted celebrities, leaders of the Russian-speaking community, famous scientists, writers, artists, athletes and prominent journalists representing leading broadcast networks, newspapers and magazines.

The Organizing Committee for Day of Russia in New York publishes a commemorative journal, which contains program notes, advertising supplements that feature sponsors of the event, as well as a brief photographic archive of previous events.